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What can I ride?

Mild Moderate High

Kentucky Kingdom

Hurricane Bay

King Louie's Playland

+ Two full natural legs and one full natural arm.

++ Two legs (natural or prosthetic) and one full natural arm.

+++ One full natural leg and any amputation must be below the knee.

‡ Two full natural arms and two legs to the knee OR one full natural arm and two full natural legs.

± One full natural leg (including the foot) and one full natural arm.

±± Two natural legs to the knee AND three functioning limbs OR two functioning arms

* Must be within arm's reach of supervising companion.

Maximum weight for single rider.

Maximum weight for two or more riders.

The supervising companion must meet all rider requirements, be at least 14 years old, and be able to ensure that the child follows safety instructions. To ride with a supervising companion, rider must be able to brace to maintain seated position and must remain seated at all times by facing forward with feet in front of him/her.


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