For the easiest access to Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, enter the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) via Gate 2 or 4 (see KEC map for directions).  The KEC charges a parking fee of $10.00 per car and $20.00 per bus.  Season pass holders receive free parking on park operating days; they simply have to show their season pass to the parking attendant.

The KEC provides a 30-minute window for anyone dropping off guests at Kentucky Kingdom.  Request a receipt when paying the parking fee and, after dropping off your passengers, leave the KEC via Gate 2 and present this receipt to the KEC parking attendant there.  As long as you leave the premises within 30 minutes of entering, your parking fee will be refunded.

Please note:  The KEC sets all parking policies and may change them at any time.  Visit the KEC website or call 502-367-5000 for more details and updates.

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