Beachside Burgers & Tenders

If you're looking for a spot with both unique and family-favorite flavors, Beachside Burgers and Tenders has something for everyone. Traditional cheeseburgers and chicken tender baskets are available alongside the new show-stopper Bonzai Burger, topped with pineapple and sweet chili, and the vegan-friendly Beyond burger.

Things To Know

Hurricane Bay

Main Menu

*Subject to change without notice. Dietary indicators: Gluten-Friendly (GF), Vegan (VG) and Vegetarian (V).

Entree Baskets
-Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries
-Cheeseburger with Fries
-Beyond Meat Burger with Fries (V)(VG)
-Chicken Tenders with Fries
-Bonzai Burger [Pineapple and Sweet Chili] with fries

Additional Items
-Large Order of Fries (GF)(VG)
-Side of Cheese Sauce (V)
-Salad Shaker

-Pepsi Ⓡ Fountain Beverages
-Bottled Water (2 for $6)
-Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

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