A Coaster Fanatic's Guide to Kentucky Kingdom

January 22, 2024


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Calling all coaster fanatics! Do you crave the thrill of twists and turns on a roaring roller coaster? Do you scream of excitement over the unknown of the next big drop?

Kentucky Kingdom is home to world-class rides, thrills, and fun around every turn. Not only does the park feature five unique roller coasters of all shapes and sizes, Kentucky Kingdom offers countless opportunities to fly, glide, twist, and turn through 2024.

Here’s a snapshot of the drool-worthy coasters waiting for you at Kentucky Kingdom!

Kentucky Kingdom | Lightning Run Kentucky Kingdom | Lightning Run

1. Satisfy the Need for Speed on Lightning Run

On the hunt for coasters moving at the speed of light? Lightning Run has the fast-paced chase of a lifetime, standing 10 stories in the air and starting with a 100-foot, 80-degree drop.

Kentucky Kingdom is the perfect park for the thrill-seeking coaster fanatic, and with a few— ok, a dozen— rides on Lightning Run, you’ll experience one of the many exhilarating, gravity-defying rides on our map.

2. Take a Family Flight on Kentucky Flyer

Every family has a different type of coaster comfort level, and we have something for everyone to enjoy. The Kentucky Flyer is a classic family-friendly roller coaster. Soar across the tracks with 12 airtime moments through 1,280 feet of fun and watch the park (and Louisville) fly by.

Each ride is tailored to create maximum memories for every member of your family! So, coaster enthusiasts with flyers in tow, no fear! The Kentucky Flyer is here!

Kentucky Kingdom | Kentucky Flyer Kentucky Kingdom | Kentucky Flyer
Kentucky Kingdom | Roller Skater Kentucky Kingdom | Roller Skater

3. Rock and Roll with Roller Skater

Come one, come all to Kentucky Kingdom, the parent’s paradise! We’re gearing up to welcome guests back for more epic family adventures this year, like Roller Skater, one of our kid-friendly coasters.

Kentucky Kingdom is proud to be the place for you and your family to create memories that matter. Just a skip away from the Roller Skater, we have King Louie’s Playland where you can squeeze in every ounce of summer fun and enjoy a sweet treat afterwards. Plus, right now, you can secure a 2024 season pass for your Pre-Ker for FREE! Kids ages 3 to 5 qualify.

4. Storm Chaser: 100% Chance of Thrill

Every roller coaster enthusiast knows that our original coasters are well worth a visit. Kentucky Kingdom is home to the very first coaster in America with a barrel drop from a 10-story lift hill that’s sure to create a whirlwind of fun!

Whether you’ve traveled hundreds of miles for your first visit or are returning to the park excited to see everything new in store, rest assured you will find the thrill to suit your fancy. Storm Chaser is a new class of coasters, and it is waiting for you at Kentucky Kingdom.

Kentucky Kingdom | Storm Chaser Kentucky Kingdom | Storm Chaser
Kentucky Kingdom | Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom | Thunder Run

5. Thunder Run Gives You A Run for Your Money

Our fan-favorite coaster, Thunder Run, is back and better than ever! We recently invested more than $1 million to refresh this classic wooden coaster. We know spring and summer fun better than anyone, so what better way to make 2024 great than to make plans now?

Visit Thunder Run when the park opens for the season this spring and watch the world fly by across nearly 3,000 feet of track.

Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay


Kentucky Kingdom | Lightning Run Kentucky Kingdom | Lightning Run

Check out these REAL Coaster Fanatics and their Kentucky Kingdom Experiences

Kentucky Kingdom is a hotspot for coaster fanatics and amusement park adventurers alike. The park features rides for all ages and thrill levels, giving the whole family a chance to join in on the fun!

Kentucky Kingdom is fortunate to have been featured by countless coaster enthusiasts and influencers who are passionate about roller coasters, and amusement parks, and sharing their adventures with viewers across the globe. Check out this high-flying POV YouTube video of some of our coasters at Kentucky Kingdom! Or, watch this Storm Chaser experience!

Check out our hashtag #KentuckyKingdom to see more amazing content or upload some of your special memories.

Kentucky Kingdom | 2024 Season Pass Kentucky Kingdom | 2024 Season Pass

Seek Thrills All Year Long with Season Passes

Looking for a way to kick off 2024 in high-flying style? Thrill seekers and adventure chasers can soar to new heights all season long with a season pass granting UNLIMITED access to Kentucky Kingdom’s attractions and rides!

Kentucky Kingdom is gearing up for a spectacular 2024 with more surprises in store, so come one and come all, coaster fanatics! We have the fun-filled experience you are looking for all season! 2024 season passes are available right now for as low as $74.99 at kentuckykingdom.com. With extra special new experiences on the way, you will get even more bang for your buck when you purchase a season pass.

AND, if you are a past season passholder, you can renew to a 2024 season pass and save $5 off a Gold Season Pass or upgrade to Diamond and save $85 through January 31. Join in on an exciting year at the park, with new experiences in store.

Don’t miss out on all the excitement to come in 2024. Secure your season pass now!


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