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Published 4/24/2019

Take a peek at Kentucky Kingdom's newest wooden roller coaster: The Kentucky Flyer

"The Kentucky Flyer, Kentucky Kingdom’s newest roller coaster, is closer to taking flight.  

Built by The Gravity Group, the coaster boasts 12 airtime elements on 1,280 feet of track. It reaches speeds of 35 mph, has 54-degree banked turns and is 47 feet tall.

The Kentucky Flyer is the sixth roller coaster in the park, joining Thunder Run, Roller Skater, T3, Lightning Run and Storm Chaser. 

And one of the biggest draws of the coaster?

Its 40-inch height requirement (the average height of a 4-year-old), which will allow younger riders to enjoy it. 

You'll get to enjoy the new coaster when Kentucky Kingdom opens April 28."

Click video here:


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