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Published 6/20/2016


Louisville, Kentucky, June 16, 2016:Kentucky Kingdom is proud of its recent acknowledgement by Marc Curtis, Director of Operations at Kentucky Harvest, for donating more than one ton (2,245 pounds) of food in 2015 to help Kentucky Harvest feed the hungry. A letter of appreciation from Mr. Curtis stated as follows:

“On behalf of Kentucky Harvest, our Chairman of the Board, and the Board of Directors, thank you for your support with in-kind food donations. For the year 2015, Kentucky Kingdom donated 2,245 pounds of food. Your generosity went a long way in helping to feed the less fortunate of Louisville and southern Indiana.”

Ed Hart, President and CEO of Kentucky Kingdom, remarked, “Kentucky Kingdom always strives to be a good corporate citizen. The entire staff at the park strongly believes in the mission of Kentucky Harvest: “People Helping People.” We are very happy to help advance that mission in whatever way we can.”

Kentucky Kingdom has a large in-house catering operation, with a catering staff, commissary, and many large picnic pavilions. The park is capable of preparing and serving more than 5,000 meals per day for its group outing clients. Added Kentucky Kingdom’s Executive Chef, Aaron Banks, “We’re delighted that the size of our catering operation means we are often able to make large contributions to Kentucky Harvest. After all, why let good food go to waste when we can help feed hungry people?”


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