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Published 5/2/2016

Kentucky Kingdom debuts thrilling Storm Chaser coaster, exciting avid riders and frightening all others

Insider LouisvilleIs it ironic that an actual storm postponed media day last week at Kentucky Kingdom to unveil the new roller coaster Storm Chaser, or a message from above that maybe I shouldn’t attempt to ride something I have no business being on? After 100 seconds of pure torture aboard the Storm Chaser Thursday morning,I believe it was an omen.

The ride is the amusement park’s fifth roller coaster and second new one in three years. Before opening it up to brave local media folks and some avid coaster fanatics, Kentucky Kingdom president and CEO Ed Hart gave a brief presentation at the site of the 2,744-foot-long track. He said the new coaster completes the $53 million development plan he promised the state two years ago when he reopened the park. For the full story, CLICK HERE!


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