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WLKY Report: Kentucky Kingdom opens with new COVID-19 safety measures

Published: 6/30/2020


"We are thrilled to open our gates and welcome the community back into the park for the first time in more than 200 days," O'Daniel said. "We've greatly missed our guests, who we consider to be our family."

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WLKY Report: Kentucky Kingdom opens with new COVID-19 safety measures 6/30/2020
Kentucky Kingdom on Wave3 Listens Live! 6/7/2020
Kentucky Kingdom Reopens with Lower Admission Prices 5/29/2020
CBS features Kentucky Kingdom on it's hit show, Undercover Boss 1/23/2020
Kentucky Kingdom donates $10,000 to WHAS Crusade for Children 12/12/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Presents HalloScream 9/4/2019
Kentucky Kingdom headlines New York Times “What To Ride in 2019” list. 7/21/2019
Our Executive Chef brings the flavor to Great Day Live 7/9/2019
Wave3 Listens Live Halloscream Announcement 6/28/2019
After a decade, Halloscream returns to Kentucky Kingdom 6/24/2019
Another Great Day to be on Great Day Live! 6/10/2019
Kentucky Kingdom is not offering free season passes 6/10/2019
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It's a hit! Louisville's first introduction to the Kentucky Flyer 5/16/2019
Kentucky Kingdom hosts ACE Preservation Conference 2019 5/11/2019
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Take a peek at Kentucky Kingdom's newest wooden roller coaster: The Kentucky Flyer 4/24/2019
What's coming in 2019? 1/30/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Makes Appearance In New Video Game 1/21/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Lifeguards Earn Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award 10/24/2018
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Learn more about our new Avian Adventure show from this episode of Wave3 Listens Live! 6/14/2018
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Happy Valentine's Day! 2/14/2018
Season Pass Confusion 11/29/2017
Bluegrass and Backroads reviews Kentucky Kingdom's reopening! 10/16/2017
2018 Season Pass Sale date announced 8/31/2017
Hurricane Bay open Saturdays during the 2017 Kentucky State Fair 8/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom hosts World's Largest Swim Lesson 6/21/2017
Kentucky Kingdom on Wave3 Listens Live June 2, 2017 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom announces new attractions for 2017 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom undercuts competitors with $59.95 season pass (Courier Journal) 6/20/2017
Join us for the 2017 Season 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom to add 5 rides in 2015 (Wave 3) 6/20/2017
WHAS interviews owner Ed Hart "You ain't seen nothing yet!" 5/25/2017
Kentucky Kingdom Launches Updated Website for 2017 Season 4/13/2017
Kentucky Kingdom holding job fair this Saturday 2/10/2017
Mayor to businesses: SummerWorks is ‘crucial’ 2/3/2017
Kentucky Kingdom's Gaylee Gillim Announced as Speaker for the 2017 CLM; Business Insurance Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference 1/30/2017
Kentucky Kingdom named one of 2017 Best Places to Work in Kentucky 1/24/2017
Kentucky Kingdom named one of best in nation 1/17/2017
Kentucky Kingdom coaster in running for best new attraction in U.S. 12/7/2016
Kentucky Kingdom sets attendance record 9/28/2016
Ky Kingdom opens doors to first responders 9/26/2016
Police, firefighters conduct swift water rescue training at Ky. Kingdom 8/23/2016
Fischer meets with students in SummerWorks program 7/26/2016
Ky Kingdom gave a ton to Ky Harvest last year 6/26/2016
Top 10 roller coasters to get you screaming in 2016 6/8/2016
Kingdom sets Memorial Day weekend record 6/8/2016
POV: Kentucky Kingdom: So Important to this Community 6/8/2016
Kentucky Kingdom opens April 30 with new Storm Chaser coaster 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom's newest roller coaster is the first of its kind 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom debuts thrilling Storm Chaser coaster, exciting avid riders and frightening all others 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom introduces new roller coaster 5/2/2016
I tried Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom's newest roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky. Kingdom opens new roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky. Kingdom opens new roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky Kingdom unveils new coaster, Storm Chaser 5/2/2016
10 Best Amusement Parks to Visit in 2016 4/19/2016
Kentucky Kingdom plans to turn a defunct coaster into a jaw-dropping marvel 3/18/2016
Ky Kingdom getting major gateway sign 3/16/2016
Kentucky Kingdom hiring for seasonal park jobs 3/14/2016
The 10 most anticipated roller coasters coming in 2016 10/1/2015
Big changes pay off for Kentucky Kingdom 10/1/2015
Top 16 for 2016: Best new rides coming to U.S. theme parks 9/3/2015
Buy one, get one tickets at Kentucky Kingdom 9/3/2015
Back On Track 9/1/2015
How Kentucky Kingdom brought our family together 8/26/2015
Kentucky Kingdom offers free soft drinks to season pass holders 8/25/2015
Kentucky Kingdom host Wednesday's Child Picnic 8/3/2015
Kentucky Kingdom is building a new 'wooden' roller coaster with a barrel roll drop 7/24/2015
Ky. Kingdom unveils steel-wood hybrid coaster 7/24/2015
Kentucky Kingdom announces plans for 5th roller coaster 7/24/2015
$15 million Storm Chaser under construction at Kentucky Kingdom 7/24/2015
Ky. Kingdom makes family-friendly changes 7/16/2015
Gut-wrenching Kentucky Kingdom coaster opens 7/10/2015
The Travel Channel's Extreme Waterparks to Feature Kentucky Kingdom's Own, Deep Water Dive 6/26/2015
Kentucky Kingdom gears up for 2015 season with 8 new rides 5/29/2015
10 Best Amusement Parks for 2015 4/2/2015
32 best new theme park additions of 2015 1/2/2015
Year in Review: Kentucky Kingdom made its return in 2014 1/2/2015
Ky. Kingdom announces new rides after successful year (WDRB) 9/25/2014
Kentucky Kingdom adding 5 attractions (CJ) 9/25/2014
Kentucky Kingdom Ice Bucket Challenge 9/6/2014
Theme Park Review Rides Lightning Run 8/26/2014
85 year-old grandmother rides water slide (Whas11) 7/21/2014
Lightning Run 6/23/2014
The World's Largest Swimming Lesson 6/9/2014
Bedraggled Kentucky Kingdom theme park gets a multimillion-dollar redo (LA times) 5/22/2014
Investor Ed Hart talks Kentucky Kingdom past, present (Whas11) 5/22/2014
The Return of the King (The Voice Tribune) 5/22/2014
Kentucky Kingdom ready for reopening, officials say (Courier Journal) 5/22/2014
Crews putting finishing touches on Kentucky Kingdom (WAVE3) 5/14/2014
The most insane new U.S Coasters (CNN) 4/22/2014
Kentucky Kingdom gives sneak peek just weeks before reopening (WLKY) 4/10/2014
Last major attraction installed at Kentucky Kingdom (WAVE3) 4/10/2014
Kentucky Kingdom preps for May 24 opening (WDRB) 4/10/2014
Kentucky Kingdom on 'track' to open May 24 (Whas11) 4/10/2014
Warmer weather equals activity at Kentucky Kingdom (Business First) 2/27/2014
Kentucky Kingdom Update (Courier Journal) 2/27/2014
Kentucky Kingdom construction not bothered by harsh winter 2/3/2014
More than 2,500 show up at Kentucky Kingdom job fair 1/6/2014
Kentucky Kingdom looking for a few good employees 1/3/2014
Calling All Park Fans 11/20/2013
Kentucky Kingdom announces ticket prices (WLKY) 11/20/2013
2014 season passes to Kentucky Kingdom on sale (Wave3) 11/20/2013
Kentucky Kingdom announces expansion plans (wdrb) 11/19/2013
Season passes on sale for Kentucky Kingdom (WHAS11) 11/19/2013
New Website! 10/28/2013
Kentucky kingdom update 10/11/2013
Thunder Run is back (Wave3) 10/11/2013
Thunder Run is up and running (Courier Journal) 10/11/2013
Kentucky Kingdom's Thunder Run Opens to Media (whas11) 10/11/2013
Thunder Run Rolls Again (wlky) 10/10/2013
Thunder Run opens for first time in 5 years (Wdrb) 10/10/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Tour (WLKY) 10/9/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Progress (Whas11) 10/9/2013
Kentucky Kingdom progress on display (Courier Journal) 9/27/2013
Kentucky Kingdom to feature more than 10 new attractions (Wave 3) 9/27/2013
Ed Hart gives tour of changes to Kentucky Kingdom so far (Whas 11) 9/27/2013
Fairboard goes behind the scenes at Kentucky Kingdom (WLKY) 9/26/2013
A look behind the gates of Kentucky Kingdom (Business First) 9/26/2013
Tour of Kentucky Kingdom (Wdrb) 9/26/2013
Man finds class ring at Kentucky Kingdom, returns it to owner 16 years later 8/8/2013
Top 14 theme park rides for 2014: Most anticipated new rides 7/18/2013
Shuttered theme park now showing signs of life 7/16/2013
Major work underway at Kentucky Kingdom 7/13/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operator promises 'bigger, better, wetter' park in 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operator promises 'bigger, better, wetter' park in 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom will reopen in May 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom will open in 2014 with expanded waterpark 6/29/2013
Ed Hart announces Kentucky Kingdom plans, opening date in May 6/29/2013
First new roller coaster in 17 years planned for reopened Kentucky Kingdom 6/28/2013
‘It’s a go!’ Ed Hart and partners announce Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay to reopen May 2014 6/28/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operators announce expansion plans for amusement park reopening in 2014 6/28/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Launches Biggest Expansion in the 25-Year History of the Park 6/27/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Confirms That It Has Secured Financing 6/27/2013
Courier Journal: Fair board ready to hand over Kentucky Kingdom to Ed Hart group 6/26/2013
Kentucky Kingdom wants its mojo back 1/1/1970


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