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Published 7/24/2015

$15 million Storm Chaser under construction at Kentucky Kingdom


LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Kentucky Kingdom announced details Monday about a new roller coaster to be added to the theme park for next season.

Storm Chaser, a $15 million addition to the amusement park, will be the marquee attraction of the 2016 season.

Storm Chaser is part of a new category of roller coasters, constructed of wood and steel, but not a hybrid.

“What makes Storm Chaser so special is that it will have RMC’s unique and patented iBox track, which will rest on wood, creating the feel of a wooden coaster, but will be supported by a steel superstructure. This yields a ride that’s smooth as glass, yet also very fast and intense.," Kentucky Kingdom Director of Marketing and Communication John Mulcahy said.

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