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Published 4/19/2016

10 Best Amusement Parks to Visit in 2016

StormChaser Fodors


Where: Louisville, Kentucky

Main Attraction: Storm Chaser

A park that has roared back to life since its reopening in 2014 under new ownership, Kentucky Kingdom adds a fifth coaster to its roster this year with Storm Chaser. Continuing a recent trend of converting aged wooden coasters into steel-track/wood hybrids, the park converted a portion of the dormant Twisted Twins dueling coaster into the new hybrid coaster. A feat of coaster engineering, expect stunning inversions on Storm Chaser, namely its first-in-the-country barrel roll drop from a 10-story lift hill. Among the park’s other standout coasters, last year’s retooled T3 remains a favorite along with its two other meteorological-themed coasters, Lightning Run (a 10-story steel coaster) and Thunder Run (the park’s roaring classic wooden coaster).

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