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Kentucky Kingdom and Herschend Family Entertainment Announce New Partnership 3/9/2021
Wave3 Listens Live with John Ramsey 8/24/2020
WDRB: Kentucky Kingdom now open weekends through September 8/23/2020
WLKY Report: Kentucky Kingdom opens with new COVID-19 safety measures 6/30/2020
Kentucky Kingdom on Wave3 Listens Live! 6/7/2020
Kentucky Kingdom Reopens with Lower Admission Prices 5/29/2020
CBS features Kentucky Kingdom on it's hit show, Undercover Boss 1/23/2020
Kentucky Kingdom donates $10,000 to WHAS Crusade for Children 12/12/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Presents HalloScream 9/4/2019
Kentucky Kingdom headlines New York Times “What To Ride in 2019” list. 7/21/2019
Our Executive Chef brings the flavor to Great Day Live 7/9/2019
Wave3 Listens Live Halloscream Announcement 6/28/2019
After a decade, Halloscream returns to Kentucky Kingdom 6/24/2019
Another Great Day to be on Great Day Live! 6/10/2019
Kentucky Kingdom is not offering free season passes 6/10/2019
WLKY has the scoop on 2019's Walk for Wishes at Kentucky Kingdom 5/22/2019
It's a hit! Louisville's first introduction to the Kentucky Flyer 5/16/2019
Kentucky Kingdom hosts ACE Preservation Conference 2019 5/11/2019
Kentucky Kingdom introduces new roller coaster 5/1/2019
Take a peek at Kentucky Kingdom's newest wooden roller coaster: The Kentucky Flyer 4/24/2019
What's coming in 2019? 1/30/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Makes Appearance In New Video Game 1/21/2019
Kentucky Kingdom Lifeguards Earn Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award 10/24/2018
Kentucky Kingdom on Listens Live 7/2/18 7/20/2018
Learn more about our new Avian Adventure show from this episode of Wave3 Listens Live! 6/14/2018
Kentucky Kingdom on WDRB's Talk of the Town 6/10/2018
Happy Valentine's Day! 2/14/2018
Season Pass Confusion 11/29/2017
Bluegrass and Backroads reviews Kentucky Kingdom's reopening! 10/16/2017
2018 Season Pass Sale date announced 8/31/2017
Hurricane Bay open Saturdays during the 2017 Kentucky State Fair 8/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom hosts World's Largest Swim Lesson 6/21/2017
Kentucky Kingdom on Wave3 Listens Live June 2, 2017 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom announces new attractions for 2017 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom undercuts competitors with $59.95 season pass (Courier Journal) 6/20/2017
Join us for the 2017 Season 6/20/2017
Kentucky Kingdom to add 5 rides in 2015 (Wave 3) 6/20/2017
WHAS interviews owner Ed Hart "You ain't seen nothing yet!" 5/25/2017
Kentucky Kingdom Launches Updated Website for 2017 Season 4/13/2017
Kentucky Kingdom holding job fair this Saturday 2/10/2017
Mayor to businesses: SummerWorks is ‘crucial’ 2/3/2017
Kentucky Kingdom's Gaylee Gillim Announced as Speaker for the 2017 CLM; Business Insurance Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference 1/30/2017
Kentucky Kingdom named one of 2017 Best Places to Work in Kentucky 1/24/2017
Kentucky Kingdom named one of best in nation 1/17/2017
Kentucky Kingdom coaster in running for best new attraction in U.S. 12/7/2016
Kentucky Kingdom sets attendance record 9/28/2016
Ky Kingdom opens doors to first responders 9/26/2016
Police, firefighters conduct swift water rescue training at Ky. Kingdom 8/23/2016
Fischer meets with students in SummerWorks program 7/26/2016
Ky Kingdom gave a ton to Ky Harvest last year 6/26/2016
Top 10 roller coasters to get you screaming in 2016 6/8/2016
Kingdom sets Memorial Day weekend record 6/8/2016
POV: Kentucky Kingdom: So Important to this Community 6/8/2016
Kentucky Kingdom opens April 30 with new Storm Chaser coaster 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom's newest roller coaster is the first of its kind 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom debuts thrilling Storm Chaser coaster, exciting avid riders and frightening all others 5/2/2016
Kentucky Kingdom introduces new roller coaster 5/2/2016
I tried Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom's newest roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky. Kingdom opens new roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky. Kingdom opens new roller coaster 5/2/2016
Ky Kingdom unveils new coaster, Storm Chaser 5/2/2016
10 Best Amusement Parks to Visit in 2016 4/19/2016
Kentucky Kingdom plans to turn a defunct coaster into a jaw-dropping marvel 3/18/2016
Ky Kingdom getting major gateway sign 3/16/2016
Kentucky Kingdom hiring for seasonal park jobs 3/14/2016
The 10 most anticipated roller coasters coming in 2016 10/1/2015
Big changes pay off for Kentucky Kingdom 10/1/2015
Top 16 for 2016: Best new rides coming to U.S. theme parks 9/3/2015
Buy one, get one tickets at Kentucky Kingdom 9/3/2015
Back On Track 9/1/2015
How Kentucky Kingdom brought our family together 8/26/2015
Kentucky Kingdom offers free soft drinks to season pass holders 8/25/2015
Kentucky Kingdom host Wednesday's Child Picnic 8/3/2015
Kentucky Kingdom is building a new 'wooden' roller coaster with a barrel roll drop 7/24/2015
Ky. Kingdom unveils steel-wood hybrid coaster 7/24/2015
Kentucky Kingdom announces plans for 5th roller coaster 7/24/2015
$15 million Storm Chaser under construction at Kentucky Kingdom 7/24/2015
Ky. Kingdom makes family-friendly changes 7/16/2015
Gut-wrenching Kentucky Kingdom coaster opens 7/10/2015
The Travel Channel's Extreme Waterparks to Feature Kentucky Kingdom's Own, Deep Water Dive 6/26/2015
Kentucky Kingdom gears up for 2015 season with 8 new rides 5/29/2015
10 Best Amusement Parks for 2015 4/2/2015
32 best new theme park additions of 2015 1/2/2015
Year in Review: Kentucky Kingdom made its return in 2014 1/2/2015
Ky. Kingdom announces new rides after successful year (WDRB) 9/25/2014
Kentucky Kingdom adding 5 attractions (CJ) 9/25/2014
Kentucky Kingdom Ice Bucket Challenge 9/6/2014
Theme Park Review Rides Lightning Run 8/26/2014
85 year-old grandmother rides water slide (Whas11) 7/21/2014
Lightning Run 6/23/2014
The World's Largest Swimming Lesson 6/9/2014
Bedraggled Kentucky Kingdom theme park gets a multimillion-dollar redo (LA times) 5/22/2014
Investor Ed Hart talks Kentucky Kingdom past, present (Whas11) 5/22/2014
The Return of the King (The Voice Tribune) 5/22/2014
Kentucky Kingdom ready for reopening, officials say (Courier Journal) 5/22/2014
Crews putting finishing touches on Kentucky Kingdom (WAVE3) 5/14/2014
The most insane new U.S Coasters (CNN) 4/22/2014
Kentucky Kingdom gives sneak peek just weeks before reopening (WLKY) 4/10/2014
Last major attraction installed at Kentucky Kingdom (WAVE3) 4/10/2014
Kentucky Kingdom preps for May 24 opening (WDRB) 4/10/2014
Kentucky Kingdom on 'track' to open May 24 (Whas11) 4/10/2014
Warmer weather equals activity at Kentucky Kingdom (Business First) 2/27/2014
Kentucky Kingdom Update (Courier Journal) 2/27/2014
Kentucky Kingdom construction not bothered by harsh winter 2/3/2014
More than 2,500 show up at Kentucky Kingdom job fair 1/6/2014
Kentucky Kingdom looking for a few good employees 1/3/2014
Calling All Park Fans 11/20/2013
Kentucky Kingdom announces ticket prices (WLKY) 11/20/2013
2014 season passes to Kentucky Kingdom on sale (Wave3) 11/20/2013
Kentucky Kingdom announces expansion plans (wdrb) 11/19/2013
Season passes on sale for Kentucky Kingdom (WHAS11) 11/19/2013
New Website! 10/28/2013
Kentucky kingdom update 10/11/2013
Thunder Run is back (Wave3) 10/11/2013
Thunder Run is up and running (Courier Journal) 10/11/2013
Kentucky Kingdom's Thunder Run Opens to Media (whas11) 10/11/2013
Thunder Run Rolls Again (wlky) 10/10/2013
Thunder Run opens for first time in 5 years (Wdrb) 10/10/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Tour (WLKY) 10/9/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Progress (Whas11) 10/9/2013
Kentucky Kingdom progress on display (Courier Journal) 9/27/2013
Kentucky Kingdom to feature more than 10 new attractions (Wave 3) 9/27/2013
Ed Hart gives tour of changes to Kentucky Kingdom so far (Whas 11) 9/27/2013
Fairboard goes behind the scenes at Kentucky Kingdom (WLKY) 9/26/2013
A look behind the gates of Kentucky Kingdom (Business First) 9/26/2013
Tour of Kentucky Kingdom (Wdrb) 9/26/2013
Man finds class ring at Kentucky Kingdom, returns it to owner 16 years later 8/8/2013
Top 14 theme park rides for 2014: Most anticipated new rides 7/18/2013
Shuttered theme park now showing signs of life 7/16/2013
Major work underway at Kentucky Kingdom 7/13/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operator promises 'bigger, better, wetter' park in 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operator promises 'bigger, better, wetter' park in 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom will reopen in May 2014 6/29/2013
Kentucky Kingdom will open in 2014 with expanded waterpark 6/29/2013
Ed Hart announces Kentucky Kingdom plans, opening date in May 6/29/2013
First new roller coaster in 17 years planned for reopened Kentucky Kingdom 6/28/2013
‘It’s a go!’ Ed Hart and partners announce Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay to reopen May 2014 6/28/2013
Kentucky Kingdom operators announce expansion plans for amusement park reopening in 2014 6/28/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Launches Biggest Expansion in the 25-Year History of the Park 6/27/2013
Kentucky Kingdom Confirms That It Has Secured Financing 6/27/2013
Courier Journal: Fair board ready to hand over Kentucky Kingdom to Ed Hart group 6/26/2013
Kentucky Kingdom wants its mojo back 1/1/1970


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