Produced by Oak Island

Admission to each Haunted House is $10 and may be purchased at the park.

Ticket Packages and 2020 Season Passes are available which include admission to both haunted houses.

The anticipation will... kill you...



A graveyard of giggles where jokes come to die after clowns have had their last laugh! Filled with deadpan gags and killer clowns unleashing their horrific hijinx …will you escape their maniacal merriment or will you DIE LAUGHING? 


Produced by Oak Island

And so much more...

Welcome to the Zombie Wasteland

A putrid pick-and-pull junkyard where human flesh is a hot commodity and zombies are on the prowl to harvest more inventory…can you survive this zombie trap…or will you be used for scrap? 

And if that doesn't get you... This will!

Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar - A Fear Market

A disturbing shopping experience for everyone - an immersive retail environment of bizarre finds and gruesome gifts. Don't miss the photo op at the selfie stations of screams!

Mardi gRAVE

Mardi gRAVE

A block party of voodoo-inspired despair where a demonic DJ spins sick and twisted tunes and you will dance till you drop…dead!
The party never stops with food, drinks, fun, and games! Voodoo Style. 

Frank.N.Stein’s LaBARatory

Frank N. Stein’s LaBARatory

Find a cure for what ales you at Frank N. Stein’s LaBARatory…where Dr. Frank is serving up mad science concoctions. Grab drinks in bubbling beakers and test tubes to feel the shocking electricity.

Friday the 13th 5D

Friday the 13th in 5D

A Halloween juggernaut joins the team for HalloScream. Come see Jason do his thing in a 12-minute fear fest at the 5D Cinema.

You'll wish it were only a nightmare...!

Don't Forget! Thrill Rides... At Night


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