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Rider Requirements

Guests with Disabilities


Electronic Convenience Vehicles and wheelchairs are available to rent at Wheels 4 Rent located near the front gate on a first-come, first-served basis. Riders should look for the wheelchair and transfer symbols at each ride to determine if the attraction is suitable for them.

Guests in a wheelchair may use the designated crosswalk located between the Enterprise and the 5-D Cinema Store.

Service Animals

Certified service animals accompanying designated owners are welcome in the park. Service animals are not permitted on rides and must remain with a non-riding member of the party if the owner is on a ride. No other animals are permitted inside Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay.

Casts and Braces

You should not ride our attractions if you have a neck, back or bone condition. Guests with a cast or brace will not be allowed to ride those attractions where the cast or brace does not fit properly in the ride vehicle, presents a hazard to other guests, or will not allow proper rider posture.

Prosthetic Devices

Guests with a prosthesis of any kind must ensure the device is properly worn, secured and will remain in place during the attraction cycle. The prosthesis must fit so that it does not become dislodged or stuck in any area of the ride or vehicle.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay welcomes all guests. Team members are available at Guest Services to answer any specific questions you may have.

When planning your visit to the park, please be aware of the following sensory stimuli:

  • Loud noises such as music, crowd noise and ride sounds
  • Lights of a variety of color and brightness
  • Movement of crowds and attractions
  • Large crowds congregating in queue lines and midways

If you need to take a moment in a quiet resting space, the Health Services building in the Carousel Courtyard is available for two members of your party during the operating day.

Attraction Boarding Pass

  1. Guests who are unable to stand in line due to an Autism Spectrum Disorder or mobility restriction may request an Attraction Boarding Pass at Guest Services located at the front gate. Boarding passes will accommodate up to a party of four (4).
  2. Once you receive an Attraction Boarding Pass, you may take it to the exit of any accessible attraction. Five (5) of our rides – Lightning Run, T3, Thunder Run, Cyclos and Storm Chaser – require an assigned ride time in order to ride. Guest Services will assign the first ride time if desired. Ride times for these attractions may also be assigned by the ride operator at any of the five (5) designated rides. Only one (1) ride time is assigned at a time.
  3. Once at the exit, hold up your boarding pass and wait for the ride operator to instruct you how to load the ride.
  1. Do not enter the ride area until instructed to do so.

Ride Smart!

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay encourages our guests to RIDE SMART! The following resources are provided at each attraction to enhance your ride experience:

  • Height and Weight Requirements
  • Attraction Rating
  • Rider Posture
  • Rider Positioning
  • Posted Ride Rules
  • Audible Instruction

Rider requirements, including height, weight and posture, are set by the ride manufacturer and state law. Our operators and lifeguards will enforce these requirements; we suggest that you become familiar with them before riding.

All riders must properly use restraint systems. Riders with a larger frame, guests with certain disabilities, and those who have casts or braces may not safely fit into the restraint system and so are not permitted to ride. Riders are not allowed to tamper with or disable a restraint system.

Kentucky Kingdom Thrill Ratings

Mild ThrillRiders will experience slow speeds, low heights and gentle motions.

Moderate ThrillRiders will experience moderate speeds and heights with some unanticipated changes in direction.

High ThrillRiders will experience high speeds and extreme heights with sudden and intense changes in direction.

Hurricane Bay Thrill Ratings

Mild ThrillLow speed and/or shallow water attractions. Passive water fun for supervised toddlers and youngsters and those who just want to get wet and relax.

Moderate ThrillModerate thrill rides and/or water depth to 48”. For inexperienced riders, beginner swimmers, and supervised children. Some rider control and maneuvering required. Not recommended for toddlers.

High ThrillAggressive ride action requiring rider control and/or strong swimming skills. Deep water may be encountered. Physical activity may be strenuous. Not recommended for anyone with any kind of health or medical limitation.

Accessibility Symbols

Wheelchair symbolWheelchair symbol identifies attractions that a guest may ride while remaining in a wheelchair.
Transfer symbolTransfer symbol identifies attractions that a guest may ride if able to transfer from a wheelchair to the ride vehicle or attraction by him/herself or with assistance from a member of the party. Guest must be able to complete the loading and unloading process, which may involve standing, step(s) up or down, or a slight incline. All riders must meet rider requirements and be able to maintain rider posture for the duration of the ride.

Rider Requirement Symbols

Companion symbolIndicates the requirement of a supervising companion who meets all rider requirements, is at least 14 years old and able to make sure child follows safety instructions. To ride with a supervising companion, the rider must be able to brace to maintain seated position and must remain seated at all times with back against seat, facing forward with feet in front.
Height symbolIndicates minimum height to ride alone.

Rider Posture

Rider PosturesRider must be able to maintain an upright position, with back against seat, facing forward with feet in front and able to brace for stopping.
Slide PostureRider must be able to maintain proper riding position lying on back, feet first with legs crossed at the ankles with either: hands behind head or neck with fingers locked, arms hugging ears, and elbows pointing towards the front OR arms crossed over chest with hands on opposite shoulders.
You should not ride if you: have neck back or bone injury; have heart trouble or high blood pressure; are pregnant; have had recent surgery or a pre-existing illness.
Rider Postures

Ride Lite!

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay is not responsible for the care, loss or damage of personal articles. Secure your items in a locker or leave them with a non-rider. We do not stop attractions to recover any lost articles. Keep your stuff. Ride Lite so you don’t lose it.

ModerateAdventure River 48 Swimming - Open Water Transfer
HighBig Surf 48 under 48* Swimming - Open Water Wheel Chair
MildBuccaneer Beach All children must be accompanied by an adult. Slide - Seated Wheel Chair
ModerateCalypso Run 48 42 Tube - Upright Single/Double under 250/under 400 None
MildCastaway Creek 48 under 48* Seated Low or Around Middle Transfer
ModerateConquistador Canyon 48 Tube - Upright Single/Double under 250/under 400 None
HighDeep Water Dive 48 Slide - Hands Behind Head or Across Chest under 300 None
HighDeluge 42 Tube - Double Upright over 300 (alone) under 700 (combined) None
ModerateFamily Wave Lagoon 48 under 48* Swimming - Open Water Wheel Chair
ModerateForbidden Passage 48 Tube - Single Upright under 250 None
ModerateKilawaya 48 Tube - Upright Single/Double under 250/under 400 None
ModerateMega Wedgie 48 Tube - Upright Single/Double under 250/under 400 None
ModeratePlummet Summit 48 42 Tube - Facing Partner under 800 combined None
MildSplash Zone 42 under 36* Slide - Seated under 300 slide Wheel Chair
ModerateTornado 48 Tube - Single Upright under 400/under 700 None
ModerateVanishing Falls 48 Slide - Hands Behind Head or Across Chest under 300 None
ModerateVoodoo Express 48 Tube - Single Upright under 250 None
ModerateWaikiki Wipeout 48 Tube - Upright Single/Double under 250/under 400 None
HighWave Runner 48 Slide - Hands Behind Head or Across Chest under 300 None

* Must be within arm’s reach of supervising companion.
Maximum weight for single rider.
Maximum weight for 2 or more riders.