What are the rides and attractions at Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay?

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When is the park open?

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Is this still the Six Flags park?

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay is the sole property of Kentucky Kingdom, LLLP, a group of local investors who are longstanding business and community leaders in Louisville.  Kentucky Kingdom, LLLP has no affiliation with Six Flags.

How much are day tickets?

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What happens if I lose or forget my season pass?

We can easily replace your season pass.  Simply proceed to the Guest Services Center (during operational hours) to the left of the front gates to have your season pass reprinted for a $10.00 (plus tax) processing fee.

Do you offer a non-rider admission ticket or season pass?

We do not offer non-rider discounts, but we do provide non-riders with other entertainment options, including live shows, entertainment, beautifully landscaped grounds, gift shops, restaurants, and a full-feature water park.

Do you offer a discount for senior citizens?

Yes, we offer a discount for senior citizens. CLICK HERE for pricing information.

At what age is an admission ticket required?

Children under the age of three are admitted to Kentucky Kingdom free of charge. CLICK HERE for pricing information.

Do you offer group rates?

Kentucky Kingdom offers discounted admission to groups with as few as 15 people.  You save when you book in advance.  CLICK HERE for complete information on group outings or contact our event planners at 502-363-1818.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a military discount. CLICK HERE for pricing information.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash and debit or credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Visa.  Please be prepared to present your valid driver’s license when using a credit card to make purchases at the park.  We do not accept checks.

What if it rains during my visit?

The park is open rain or shine.  While inclement weather may require that some attractions be closed until conditions allow for safe operation, you are free to enjoy other attractions, a meal, or shopping while waiting for the weather to clear.  Kentucky Kingdom does not issue rain checks or refunds in the event of inclement weather.

Do you provide areas for breastfeeding in the park?

At Kentucky Kingdom mothers can and have always been welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the park. However, for those who desire privacy, Kentucky Kingdom has several locations at their disposal including 3 health service buildings, and 2 bath houses with private stalls located in Hurricane Bay.

Do the rides close early?

All ride operations cease at closing time. To accommodate all riders in line by the park’s closing, access to some rides may be restricted prior to closing.

Can I bring my own food and beverages into the park?

No food or beverages may be brought into Kentucky Kingdom or Hurricane Bay.  Guests with special dietary needs, including those with food allergies or requiring baby formula, should notify our security officer at the front gate.  We offer a wide variety of menu choices at our restaurants and concession stands.

Do you offer free soft drinks?

At Kentucky Kingdom, we have our own programs that provide great value for our guests. Our season passes include admission to both Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay, 20% off all food and merchandise purchases, and a super low price of $1.00 for large (21 ounce) soft drinks all season long.  We also sell a Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay souvenir bottle that entitles you to soft drink refills for only $1.00 each all season long.

If I leave the park for any reason, can I re-enter on the same day?

You may leave the park and return on the same day.  Just have your hand stamped at the exit gate on your way out and present your stamped hand or day ticket to the gate attendant for re-entry.  If you leave the parking lot, you will be required to pay the parking fee to the Kentucky Exposition Center to re-enter.

Do you have information for guests with disabilities?

Guests with disabilities are encouraged to stop by Guest Services at the front of the park to receive a copy of our guidelines for riders and speak with a Guest Services representative about the accessibility of the park and its rides and attractions.  A limited number of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are wheelchairs and strollers available for rent?

“Wheels 4 Rent” is locate inside the front gate immediately to the right of the entrance fountain.  A limited numbers of wheelchairs ($10), electric wheelchairs ($35), and strollers ($10)/double strollers ($12) are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I bring my pet to Kentucky Kingdom?

Certified service animals accompanying designated owners are welcome in the park.  Service animals are not permitted on rides and must remain with a non-riding member of the party if the owner is on a ride.  No other animals are permitted inside Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay.

What is Kentucky Kingdom’s policy on alcoholic beverages?

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay does sell beer and tropical drinks.  Our beer and alcohol policy is no different than the standard practices at Disney Parks, Sea World, Busch parks, and Cedar Fair parks (Including Kings Island).  At Kentucky Kingdom, guests must be 21 years old to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages, and to do so, must also have a state-issued identification card or valid driver’s license verifying their age. Our security staff and Kentucky Kingdom Ambassadors strictly enforce these rules. Kentucky Kingdom sells beer at two sit-down restaurants (Swampwater Jack’s and Casa Mia) and beer and mixed tropical drinks, such as strawberry daiquiris and frozen margaritas, at our open-air Hurricane Bay Beach Club pavilion overlooking the water park (all beer and alcohol is sold in identifiable cups, mugs, and glasses).

Is smoking permitted at Kentucky Kingdom?

We strive to accommodate all of our guests without disturbing the enjoyment of others.  Designated smoking areas can be found on our PARK MAP.  Smoking (including the use of any electronic cigarettes) is permitted only in the designated areas and never in restrooms, dining areas, theaters, or anywhere else throughout the park.

Can I rent a locker to store my belongings?

Lockers are available to rent for the day on a first-come, first-served basis.  The charge is $10.00 for a small locker and $15.00 for a large locker.  Locker locations are designated on our PARK MAP.

Are there height restrictions for your rides?

The safety of our guests is our top priority.  Kentucky Kingdom abides by the manufacturer-mandated height requirements that are strictly enforced by our ride operators and lifeguards. To view the height/weight restrictions of each ride CLICK HERE. You can also download a printable copy of our RIDER GUIDELINES.

How thorough is Kentucky Kingdom’s training for ride operators?

It is the responsibility of any amusement or theme park to maintain its rides properly and train ride operators in accordance with manufacturers’ established procedures.  Kentucky Kingdom strictly adheres to this policy for all of its rides.  We maintain and enforce strict operating standards, conduct daily ride inspections, and follow a very thorough annual maintenance program.  We conduct comprehensive training and certification of all ride operators with periodic testing to ensure there is no deviation from our standards.

What about the drop ride at Kentucky Kingdom?

Many parks throughout the world have drop rides.  These rides have been manufactured in accordance with engineering standards to guarantee that they are safe and dependable.  The drop ride that Kentucky Kingdom has purchased is the same ride that was also installed in 2012 at another theme park in Kentucky.  Kentucky state ride inspectors have certified that ride for operation each year since 2012.

Can my infant ride anything in the water park?

Yes, we offer attractions for younger guests, but they will need to have a supervising companion present. We also require that babies/toddlers must wear swim diapers!

FAQ’s: Season Pass Sales   Do I need my season pass to get in?

We require that all guests entering Kentucky Kingdom either have a day ticket, or their season pass in order to enter the front gates.

Does Kentucky Kingdom offer a children’s priced season pass?

Compared with the cost of season passes at other parks in the region, a Kentucky Kingdom season pass is already the equivalent of a child’s priced season pass.

How do I know my online season pass purchase is complete?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your purchase is complete.

Do I have to use online season pass processing to get a season pass?

If you choose not to take advantage of online processing, you can visit our Season Pass Processing Center beginning April 25, 2015, located to the right of the front gate, to have your pass processed.

Do you provide family discounts?

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay has a wide variety of rides and attractions that will appeal to every member of the family.  A season pass to Kentucky Kingdom represents a tremendous value and therefore we do not provide additional discounts on the price of a season pass.

Does my Season Pass include free parking?

Parking for Kentucky Kingdom is on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) and under their control.  The parking fee is currently $8.00 per vehicle per visit.

Is there a drop off location for Kentucky Kingdom?

Updated Kentucky Kingdom Drop-Off Policy:

Anyone dropping people off at Kentucky Kingdom should ask for a parking refund slip when they enter the KEC and as long as they exit the property within 30 minutes, they will receive a refund of the $8.00 parking fee on the way out.  However, to get the refund, they will need to exit via the KEC via the main gate on Phillips Lane (Gate 1).

I am giving a season pass as a gift.  Do I need to upload a photo?

Kentucky Kingdom season passes make a wonderful gift and do not require that you upload a photo.  Simply complete your purchase and follow the instructions provided.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail that can be printed at home and presented as a gift. If you’ve received a Kentucky Kingdom season pass as a gift, you can process your season pass at our Season Pass Processing Center, located at the right of the main entrance.

Can I transfer a season pass to another person after I purchase one?

Season passes purchased for a specific individual cannot be transferred.

Can I buy a season pass to just the water park?

Your season pass gives you free entrance to both Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay and to all of our live entertainment, games, restaurants, and shops all season long!

Can a season pass to Kentucky Kingdom be used during the Kentucky State Fair?

Yes, for the first time ever you can enter Kentucky Kingdom during the Kentucky State Fair, with paid admission to the Kentucky State Fair, and enjoy all of the rides in the park for free.

Oops!  Since our season pass card stock was printed we’ve added the benefit of free rides in Kentucky Kingdom during the Kentucky State Fair. Who do I contact with a season pass question not listed?

If you have an issue ordering your season pass you can contact us at info@kentuckykingdom.com.