Kentucky Kingdom

  1. Lightning Run

    NEW.  Lightning will strike at the Kingdom in 2014! This new ten-story steel coaster starts off with a pulse-pounding, 100-foot, 80-degree drop! That’s almost straight to the ground! Check out a video preview of the thrills Lightning Run has in store for you!

    48″ minimum to ride

    Watch video

  2. FearFall

    NEW.  Brave the unexpected as you tower 129 feet over the Kingdom. What a great view…if you can keep your eyes open.  At the top, you’ll pause for a breath-catching moment before dropping back to earth at more than 45 miles per hour.

    48″ minimum to ride

    Maximum Rider Weight: 300 lb

  3. Professor John's Flying Machines

    NEW. This entertaining ride, sure to become a family favorite, will amaze both riders and spectators.  The Professor’s latest invention takes passengers airborne and allows them to test their flying skills.

    44″ to ride alone

    36″ must ride with a supervising companion**

    Max combined weight 340 lb 


    NEW. It’s like being cast in a movie without ever having to leave your seat!  You’re the star of this exhilarating 5D ride, a state-of-the-art experience you’ll want to enjoy over and over again.  (Keep your eyes on our website for news of the movie to be shown at the 5D Cinema in 2014.)

    42″ to ride alone

    Non-riders/children under 42″ must use stationary seating 

  5. Bumper Cars

    NEW. Crash! Bump! Look out!  Just try to avoid getting hit as you maneuver your way around our new bumper car pavilion. Ready! Set! Go!

    48″ to to ride alone

    42″ must ride with a supervising companion** 

  6. Thunder Run

    Come relive the excitement on this world renowned wooden coaster! After refurbishments totaling nearly $1 million, Thunder Run is back and better than ever.  With nearly 3,000 linear feet of track, 74-foot drop, and negative airtime on its camelback hills, it’s a coaster lover’s dream!

    48″ minimum to ride 

    Watch video

  7. Roller Skater

    Lace up your skates!  Whether you’re a seasoned coaster rider or a newbie, the Roller Skater offers enough twists, turns, lifts and drops to satisfy riders of every age!

    56″ to ride alone 

    36″ must ride with a supervising companion** 


  8. Tin Lizzies

    Take a nostalgic tour of the countryside in one of our classic Model A roadsters.

    48″ to ride alone or drive

    42″ must ride with a supervising companion** 


  9. The Giant Wheel

    From atop Kentucky Kingdom’s classic Giant Wheel, 150 feet up, you’ll enjoy one of Louisville’s most panoramic views, from the downtown skyline to the hilltops of Iroquois Park and beyond.

    56″ to ride alone

    36″ must ride with supervising companion**


  10. Bella Musica

    Artistry in motion! This true classic, beloved by all, features 42 artistically hand-carved animals representing the finest carousel craftsmanship in the world.

    Under 36″ may ride with a supervising companion** if the rider can hold the rider posture* on their own.

  11. Flying Dutchman

    Put your best foot forward as you take flight in one of our whimsical flying wooden shoes.

    48″ to ride alone

    36″ must ride with a supervising companion** 


  12. Mile High Falls

    On Mile High Falls, no one is spared a drenching!  At almost 90 feet up, this remains one of the world’s tallest spill rides.  Riders board a pontoon-like boat and ascend the lift hill.  After reaching the top, the boat plunges into a pool, creating a wave that arcs over 100 feet.

    42″ to ride alone 

    36″ must ride with a supervising companion** 

  13. Raging Rapids River Ride

    We challenge you to stay dry on this thrilling whitewater adventure!  Come ride the rapids, dodging geysers and evading boulders every inch of the way.

    42″ to ride alone 

    36″ must ride with supervising companion**


  14. Breakdance

    A whirling ride with gondolas that spin while the turntable twists. Feel the rush of wind as you spin, flare and gyrate on Breakdance!

    54″ minimum to ride 

  15. Enterprise

    This ride will surely turn your world inside out and upside down!

    54″ minimum to ride 


    (Try saying that five times fast!) Five-alarm thrills await aspiring young firefighters aboard this ride. In a pendulum motion, it swings its riders forward, backward, then over the top.

    Under 36″ may ride with a supervising companion** if the rider can hold the rider posture* on their own.

    No Lap Children

  17. Himalaya

    If you wanna go faster, there’s “snow ride” like the Himalaya!

    60″ minimum to ride 

  18. Bluebeard's Bounty

    Climb aboard, mateys, for a thrilling pirate adventure!  You’ll feel weightless as the giant boat swings higher and higher, to a height of six stories from stern to bow.

    54″ to ride alone

    48″ must ride with a supervising companion** 



    Our rider posture policy states that riders must:

    -Sit upright 

    -Face forward with feet in front.

    -Brace themselves for stopping.

    -No Lap Children

    SUPERVISING COMPANION**: must be 14 years or older and able to make sure child adheres to safety instructions. To ride with a supervising companion, child must be able to sit up on his/her own in the proper riding position.

    Height and weight requirements are subject to change. Please refer to the sign at each ride entrance for current requirements.